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Guilin Guiguang Cimbar Performance Minerals, LLC.

As China's economy improved, China's automobile industry achieved unprecedented development and vehicle energy saving and emission reduction have become the subject of concern. Lightweight automobile as a measure of energy saving and emission reduction has become an option shared by more and more people. Lightweight plastic auto parts will increasingly replace bulky metal parts has become a trend. 

To conform to this development trend, two major talc players, Guilin Guiguang Talc Development Company Limited in China and Cimbar Performance Minerals in the United States joint force together and, set up a joint venture talc processing plant in Suqiao Industrial Park in Guilin city, Guangxi, China in 2012, which put into operation in 2015. Being backed by world class super white talc crude ores mined from the mine of Guiguang Talc Development Co. this state-of-the-art plant equipped with Cimbar’s talc processing equipment and technology, is devoted to supplying high-end super micronized talc powder products to auto plastic industry.